We have lead businesses of all sizes and across all industries to increase their performance, resilience, and overall well-being. Our project objectives range from developing a more collaborative work environment to co-creating new business strategies and organization designs. From developing unique leadership and team cultures to coaching individual executives, we have enjoyed the same deep collaboration with each and every one of our clients.


Microsoft • IBM • FCB/IPG • Sony Mobile Communications • Members of the United Nations • The American Ceramics Society • Evotec • GABO:mi • Gigaset • Elster Group SE • MM Packaging Caesar • Tata Consultancy Services • TenneT TSO • E.ON Energy Sales • Minitube • MSD Sharp & Dohme • Vodafone D2 • Deloitte • IABG • Aon Hewitt • Bottega Veneta • Biogen Idec • ATOSS Software • GN Netcom • Basilea Pharmaceutica • Prudential Global Workforce Development, New York/NY • Cochise College, Douglas/AZ • Boys and Girls Club Bisbee/AZ • GP Innovations Corp. New York/NY • EFPROMM Düsseldorf, Germany/Middle East • Allianz Global Investors • Team Foster HR Strategy • Fleishers • Grace Blue 

We thank our clients for the wonderful collaboration and for their testimonials for the work in the following areas:


Organizational Excellence  • Strategic Change • Growth and Innovation • Executive Coaching • Team Excellence Coaching



  • IBM

    Director of Growth

    “IBM engaged LC GLOBAL to evolve our Growth Division from its start-up mode to a scalable business model. The goal was to create an agile operation design that would allow us to adapt to the tremendously fast growth pace we were experiencing.  It was clear early on that the structural changes would require a culture, leadership, and mindset shift as well. 

    We had an absolutely amazing time during the unique appreciative assessment that LC GLOBAL conducted. Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we not only gained a lot of valuable information about our success factors and core values, but we could also observe immensely deep behavior shifts right in the first phase of the five-step process. 

    Additionally, LC GLOBAL observed our operations and coached team members as well as the entire leadership group to carefully guide us to make instrumental changes. At the end of the collaborative assessment phase, LC GLOBAL presented an amazingly agile organization design and operating model that will allow us to grow while keeping our core values, success factors, and unique identity.

    I highly recommend the process for any team, group, or company that wants to grow and needs to make significant changes to their business and operation models as well as their corporate culture.”



  • Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)

    Senior Vice President, Talent Development & Organization Design

    “We worked with LC GLOBAL on two complicated coaching assignments that spanned multiple geographies and cultures. From practical considerations such as ease of scheduling using LC GLOBAL’s online tool to the strategic aspects of high-level executive coaching such as a custom 360, the experience was positive and yielded useful results for us.” 

  • Sony Mobile Communications

    Head of Business Management for Western Europe

    “I had the pleasure of working with LC GLOBAL during a crucial transition phase in my career. LC GLOBAL’s unique coaching approach helped me to ask the right questions about the change process I was going through, led me to see new perspectives and allowed me to refine my personal as well as business leadership skills in a way that I didn’t believe was possible before. I feel fortunate for having had the opportunity to work with LC GLOBAL.”

  • Evotec

    Senior Vice President HR

    "Evotec started collaborating with LC GLOBAL concerning the development of a team and talent assessment process in 2011. Due to the successful execution of this positive and appreciative program, we were able to identify new talents for future leadership positions. LC GLOBAL has continued to give us crucial input regarding important Human Resource Development matters. Currently, we are planning further team and leadership coaching programs with LC GLOBAL"

  • Microsoft

    Director International HR

    “LC GLOBAL has been a provider of its HR and Organization Development services for Microsoft for a number of years. To name an example, LC GLOBAL provided Leadership Excellence Coaching services on an individual basis over an extended period of time and team building for senior leadership teams in the organization. Cooperation with LC GLOBAL made our work more effective and impactful by providing focused attention and support in a number of critical areas of international HR and organization development work. I gladly recommend LC GLOBAL’s services to others! Outstanding service, deep competence and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL for me”

  • Campus Dean

    Cochise College

    “LC GLOBAL did an excellent job in working with Cochise College in regards to the facilitation of an Assessment and Change Management Process. We benefited immensely from LC GLOBAL’s appreciative, systemic and collaborative approach. Four areas of improvement were identified, focus groups were formed and change agents appointed to not only make the change, but be the change. Many staff members remarked that it was one of their best experiences as an employee of the College. Many students felt a stronger sense of being valued and connected as a result of that intervention. Due to the tremendous success, we brought LC GLOBAL back to continue with this process.”

  • The American Ceramics Society

    Executive Director

    “I have been working with LC GLOBAL for executive coaching initiatives and organization development matters for almost a year. What started as a partnership for developing new strategies and ideas has evolved to include a discussion of how to meld the growth of a newly formed non-profit Foundation with our Society’s current activities. The process highlights our core organizational values and ensures that we meet our overall goals . LC GLOBAL’s expertise is delivered with integrity, innovative thinking and an energetic personality.”

  • Elster Group SE

    Vice President Global Responsibility for Internal Control and SOX Compliance

    “When Elster was in the process of being noted on the New York Stock Exchange, we worked with LC GLOBAL to lead our Global Finance Management Team through an important change process. The team sessions were extremely helpful and boosted our team morale and collaboration significantly. The individual leadership coaching sessions that were offered as a follow-up to this process, helped sustain the outcome of the team sessions and provided further valuable insight. Not only, can I recommend LC GLOBAL and their unique coaching approach, I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed the collaboration”



    “In order to increase the effectiveness of our subsidiary in the Middle East in terms of sales, growth and collaboration with our headquarters in Germany, we asked LC GLOBAL to deliver their consulting services on-site. Thanks to LC GLOBAL’s tremendous sensitivity, in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise, the entire process was perceived extremely well amongst our colleagues in the Middle East. Improvements could be observed promptly.”

  • Sony Mobile Communications

    Regional Business Manager

    “The highly individualized Leadership Coaching with LC GLOBAL has been an invaluable support in my career. Especially during the transition phase from an expert role to a management position with heavy leadership responsibility, this leadership coaching has given me new insights time and again. It allowed me to become more effective and content in my new role. My LC GLOBAL Coaching was 100% tailored to my needs which is a clear advantage over the services of other coaching providers. I view my coaching at LC GLOBAL as a tailored suit that just fits me perfectly. “

  • Team Foster HR Strategy


    “WOW! LC GLOBAL truly WOWED my colleagues and me. We spent a minimal amount of time on the phone but it seemed like they knew our company inside and out. We thought so highly of LC GLOBAL’s expertise around leadership and change that we are bringing them back to work with the management teams of the two organizations at which I currently function as the Vice President of Human Resources.”

  • GABO:mi Process Consulting


    “We asked LC GLOBAL to help us develop a new organizational structure that is fully based on our values and corporate culture. We found their holistic and systemic approach especially valuable as it led us to strengthen our success factors. The in-depth analysis of the current state of our organization helped us excel by learning how to do more of the things that were already working extremely well. Thank you LC GLOBAL!”

  • Tquila Germany


    “During my time as a business unit leader in a big international corporation, I benefited from two LC GLOBAL coaching programs: one, conflict mediation including a preparation and debriefing phase and two, global leadership coaching initiatives. Both interventions helped me gain more clarity, develop new strategies for the future and see my responsible position from a completely new angle. Two coaching programs with LC GLOBAL – two words: simply great! “

  • LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc - Developing a Unique Voice of Efficacy as a Woman Leader - 2016 - Fotolia_104924216_S - -- 418x 278-1-1
  • Fleishers

    Vice President HR

    "LC GLOBAL has provided executive coaching for several of our managers. Every coaching initiative starts with preliminary conversations with HR and the coaching client. After this meeting, precise coaching goals are set and communicated. The flexibility in scheduling, as well as the individualized coaching options, made LC GLOBAL’s services particularly appealing to us. I highly recommend LC GLOBAL to other companies."


Organizational Culture Transformation

Cochise College

Douglas, Arizona

The goal of this process was to co-create a more inclusive organizational culture – allowing a diverse student base to grow together and promote a healthy collaborative environment amongst faculty, students and staff. A secondary goal for this change initiative was to increase the enrollment rate. We developed a mutual vision for the future, exemplified by a desired set of behaviors and multiple projects to collectively shape the future of this college for the better. The result was the appointment of 25 onsite change-leaders, who successfully implemented the multi-layered strategy over the course of the following 2 years. The feedback that we received by faculty, staff and students likewise was overwhelming.

Implementation of a Holographic Organization Design

Implementation of a Holographic Organization Design

GABO:mi Process Consulting

Munich, Germany

We developed and implemented holographic organization design to improve the information flow across the organization.  The re-design of the organizational structure had become necessary when the company’s growth curve exceeded their plans by far. In a 6-phase process, we analyzed this consulting firm’s requirements and mirrored the solutions in a newly designed holographic organization structure that matches the firm’s values and culture. The outcome was a fluid symbiotic 360 degrees structure that guarantees the information flow at all times and can be scaled exponentially. A description of this case study has just been accepted for an academic SAGE publication.

Change Management, Strategy & Employee Engagement

Change Management, Strategy & Employee Engagement

EFPROMM – Food processing industry

Middle East and Europe

We initiated a change management process for a European leader in the food processing industry and their subsidiary in the Middle East. The objectives were to improve sales, implement a new business strategy and strengthen collaboration between the headquarters and the subsidiary. We achieved those goals through consulting, leadership coaching and capability building.

Vision and Strategy for Multinational Company

Vision and Strategy for Multinational Company

MM Packaging

Subsidiaries all over the world

For this multinational company, we facilitated a vision and strategy meeting over the course of 2.5 days. Afterwards, the top management team felt empowered to introduce healthy change processes to the organization that would bring about sustainable results. They grew together as a team, learned about their shared success factors and felt motivated and refreshed.

Optimizing recruiting strategies of global player

Optimizing recruiting strategies of global player

Leading Pharmaceutical Service Supplier

Subsidiaries all over the world

We helped an international pharmaceutical service supplier to greatly optimize their recruiting and talent development strategies. We increased the overall success in their search for talent by designing and implementing a fit-to-suit recruiting and assessment strategy. Additionally, we conducted further HR consulting services for this global player.

Sox Compliance - NY Stock Exchange Listing

Elster Group, Global Finance Management Team

Aachen, Germany

We assisted the Elster Group during a time of explosive growth to get listed on the NY Stock Exchange. Furthermore, we helped this global player in their endeavor to demonstrate utmost SOX compliance and to deliver outstanding results as the Global Finance Management Team. This initiative started with stakeholder conversations and continued with an assessment of the leadership and innovation capabilities of each management team member. From there, we continued with a 2-day workshop for the entire team and then went into a refined individual coaching process. Twice, we came together as a team again in person. The results were applied across the entire organization and all results were achieved. The Global Finance Management Team felt strengthened and aligned as never before.

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