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Structure drives behavior. Your organization design must reflect the behavior you want to see. 

Every company has a different style. Moreover, every company has different needs depending on its industry, business objectives, life cycle, and size. Especially during times of volatility, it is important to not only grow or change but also make your unique brand shine. Partner with us to increase your market impact, stay true to yourself, and become more nimble and innovative at the same time. 

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Organization Design for Pre- & Post-IPO
From Start-up to Scale-up
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Organization Design for Growth-Oriented SMEs
From Mediocrity to Excellence
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Organization Design for Agility-Seeking Enterprises
From Hierarchy to Agility & Adaptability

Attention Future-Fitness: Areas that Drive Your Growth & Organizational Excellence

Our times of extreme uncertainty call for sound, bold, and prompt decision-making. The required organizational excellence relies on an optimal information flow and to inform the right behavior in relation to your business objectives and customer needs. A good organizational design empowers your company and employees to find effective and prompt responses to unforeseen circumstances day in day out.  Most companies, however, are set up in ways that block their vital information flow leading to bureaucratic, decelerated decision-making, and silo-thinking. To transform your company, it is crucial to understand where your organization is today and where targeted changes can be made to ensure true organizational excellence. 




Results You Can Expect

Nothing drives the success of your company more than a good organization design. 

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Customer Delight, Engagement, Culture

40% increased engagement
100%- brand-driven culture
50% increased customer delight

Agility, Effectiveness, Information Flow
Agility, Effectiveness, Information Flow

30-40% increased productivity
40% decreased time to market
75% removal of bottle necks

Growth, Org Design, People Systems
Growth, Org Design, People Systems

65% increased target attainment
100% aligned people/HR systems & Agile Org Design

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