Small Business Consulting - Growth Strategy

Improve your profitablity, develop your branding, grow your business.


Step 1: Pre-Discussion

We take your business extremely seriously. While we have best practices as to how to conduct our analysis, we will never approach your business with "one size fits it all" solutions. Therefore, we take the pre-discussions extremely seriously. During this stage, we get to know each other, discover your style, needs and precise expectations. From there, we can develop further steps together.



Step 2: Systemic Analysis

After clarifying your exact goals, we conduct a systemic, appreciative and collaborative analysis of your organization. The analysis consists of a quantitative as well as a qualitative data analysis. Next to the business facts, we are interested in what various levels of your organization - employees, stakeholder, vendors and customers, have to say about your organization. Whether in time- and cost-effective surveys or focus groups, our aim is to find out what makes your business strong. From there your authentic and successful growth strategy is only a stone's throw away.


Step 3: Development Of Your Growth Strategy

Based on the data collected from your organization, we will develop your authentic growth strategy. The growth strategy will be based on your strengths and show you ways of how to make use of them under any circumstances in the future. You will know important milestones, ways how to reach them and you will foresee limitations and obstacles on the way. A clear roadmap will show you the way and hold you responsible to your success. After a couple of days, we will fine-tune your strategy and launch it. To help you achieve your goals, we will check in with you at important milestones to hold you to your goals and make sure that you are on the way to develop your business towards the best success possible.