Change and innovation are inseperably linked to your organization design. How so, you might ask and think: "We just want to work on our leadership culture."  The crux is, however, if you would like to imrpove your culture or leadership mentality, you got to bear in mind the unique way your organization is set up.  Because any change you may want to make, needs to be supported by the processes and structures your organization runs by. "Well, what about product innovation, then?", you might think.  Even if we are "only" talking about the innovation of one single product, we need to consider how your organization is set up internally and externally, otherwise your CFO or the market and customers will not embrace your new product.

How Organization Design And Change/Innovation Are Linked

If you want to achieve one, you always have to consider the other:

  • Corporate culture: workflows, change readiness, agile mindset.
  • Corporate mindset: ability to learn as an organization.
  • Product Innovation: capabiity to fail fast, agility, market needs.
  • Business Innovation:  customer needs, market dynamics, agility.
  • Growth: Brand identity, competitive advantages, systems.

We Take Your Organizational Excellence Factors Into Consideration With Every Change Or Innovation Innitiative

Culture, Identity, Growth


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We follow an appreciative, systemic, and collaborative consulting approach to ensure that the identity and strength factors will always remain intact in your organization regardless of which change, innovation, or transformation you are currently going through.  While you do occasionally have to change in order for things to stay them - e.g. change so that you stay as successful as before: change so that you can serve your customers as well as before - it is important to preserve who you are. And this is precisely the reason why we connect the best your organization has to offer with the innovative future you want to create.


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