Leadership & Strategy Sprint

4 - 12 weeks of focused interval work with your leadership team resulting in a bold vision, deep commitment to excellence, and the drive to translate your strategy into reality. 

Who is this sprint for? 

We work with global or local leadership teams that would like to

  • envision bold goals together for a high-profile transformation or innovation endeavor. 
  • explore unique opportunities, strengths, and future needsdevelop scenario forecasts and redefine values, vision & mission.
  • commit to new vision, re-align, and devise ambitious action.
  • focus as a team and re-commit to leadership excellence. 
  • develop a compelling mission statement and sense of ownership for the planned transformation.
  • create a road map, define OKR's, and clarify responsibilities.
  • prepare for the leadership team's culture transformation as well as the high-profile organizational transformation
  • spark motivation, alignment, and a sense of healthy change leadership.
  • envision bold goals together; create a roadmap & OKRs.
  • adapt via a scenario forecast. 
  • redefine values, vision & mission. 
  • clarify responsibilities & roles.
  • commit to cont. coaching & excellence.
  • achieve outstanding transformation results with more ease & excitement.

Which results can you expect?

  • a bold and ambitious vision for the planned high-profile transformation. 
  • a compelling mission statement and sense of ownership.
  • new leadership styles, focus, and engagement.
  • a tangible scenario forecast. 
  • a clear road map and OKRs.
  • absolute role and responsibility clarity.
  • focused, engaged, and dynamic team collaboration. 
  • utmost commitment and excitement. 
  • unparalleled transformation results.
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How does it work?

Discovery Sprint: Initial Brief, Stakeholder Interviews, Observations

  • initial design brief.
  • review of hard facts & documents regarding the current state of the leadership team and the desired outcome of the high-stake transformation endeavor. 
  • top stakeholder interviews and conversations. 
  • success metrics definitions. 
  • development of communication strategy. 
  • kick-off with the local or global leadership team. 
  • design and roll out pre-session survey.
  • where applicable 1:1 interviews with team members.
  • observation of leadership team meetings, collaboration, and internal processes.
  • sharing of results with team lead and local or global leadership team. 

Design Sprint: Design Sessions

  • design sessions with local or global leadership team. 
  • run through steps: define, discover, envision, develop & design.
  • explore new values, needs, and opportunities for a high-stake transformation or innovation endeavor.
  • envision bold goals for the high-profile transformation. 
  • reduce blind spots, and create bold visions and provocative actionable steps. 
  • commit to new team values, mission, and vision to materialize and exceed the most ambitious goals.  
  • create new metrics for leadership excellence, team spirit, and strategy. 
  • develop roadmap and OKRs.
  • define roles and responsibilities. 
  • scenario planning and sub-project planning.
  • debrief

Excellence Sprint: Deployment, Adaptation, and Excellence 

  • start actioning the road map.  
  • observe changed leadership behavior, collaboration, and commitment level to agreed-upon goals.   
  • monitoring of results and success rates of sub-projects, actioned steps, and overall transformation goals. 
  • commit to continued leadership excellence coaching.

How much time must you invest? 

Our sprints typically take 4-12 weeks with differing levels of engagement intensity. At the beginning of the initiative, most work takes place on our side of the playing field as we review your hard facts and observe your meetings, current systems, and operating models. The only time that your leadership team must make itself available outside its regular work is the design and excellence sessions during the respective sprints. All sessions will be tailored to suit your needs and busy schedule.

What are deliverables?

  • tailored design and process experience.
  • survey & focus group design and delivery. 
  • observations of your local or global leadership team meetings and processes.
  • results presentation & hypothesis delivery. 
  • planning, delivery & debrief of workshops.
  • leadership excellence coaching.
  • operating module design, responsibility mapping.
  • strategy brief and result scenarios.
  • tailored roadmap & result tracking.  
  • continued coaching and finetuning. 
  • new understanding of leadership and leadership team collaboration.
  • outstanding transformation results. 

Ready for your sprint?