Holographic Organization Design - Structure Your Organization Like A Brain!

Holographic Organization Designs guarantee seamless information flow and outstanding change capability.

The brain has the capability to fully function for its most important purposes even if 90% of it has been removed. It consists of individual cells that carry the same information allowing for a seamless transfer of that information to neighboring cells. All neighboring cells are thereby capable of replacing information lost by others – at all times. This flexible structure results in the capability of the brain to self-organize. It allows for survival, even at the cost of effectiveness. The primary objective of a holographic organization design is to create a business that can learn, adapt, create, and change in conjunction with rapid changes in the environment. Its internal seamless information flow guarantees innovation and outstanding results - just like the brain delivers, day-in, day-out.

The principles of a holographic organization design are: 

  • the business design facilitates the self-organization of individual units.
  • all units mirror each other and the entire organization.
  • redundant connectivity regulates the information flow.
  • there is simultaneous generalization and specialization in the roles.
  • the organization is designed around roles. 
  • the organization offers an internal diversity that matches the variety of its environment.

A holographic organization design lends itself particularly to project management or consulting firms. To read the award-winning publication of the case study featuring the holographic organization design implementation for one of our clients click here. Get in touch with us to discuss your case and to schedule a free meeting.