Had You Talked Desdemona: Developing a Voice of Efficacy as a Woman Leader

8-Week Live Online Seminar 

This workshop is also available in-house 

This workshop is designed to help women leaders develop a strong and authentic voice in the workplace. While being excellent leaders, women at times struggle to be outspoken about their leadership, strategies, expectations and innovations. This tendency can put women in an unnecessary disadvantage. Had you Talked Desdemona provides a conceptual framework for understanding the origin of unintended obscured messages. Powerful exercises help to gain clarity and develop a voice that gets heard and understood –to result in positive action!

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Support women leaders in identifying their desired leadership style.  
  • Develop a strong message and standing to support that style. 
  • Understand where the most dominant inhibitions stem from.
  • Transform unhelpful mental scripts and blockages to proactive messages. 
  • Discover how to manifest your new voice in our final Future U project.

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