"Future U" - Team Excellence - Authentic Strategy, Vision and Mission.

5 steps that guide your team to revive its vision, strategy and sense of purpose.


Step 1: Define and Scale

We define your topic of interest and your exact goal. We assess the scope of the topic and which organizational levels and people will be part of your "Future U" process.


Step 2: Assess and Understand

Whoever wants to move forward needs to understand the current situation. We take a deep introspection into your team's past and curFuture U - Team Excellence Coaching - Strategy, Vision, Mission - LC GLOBAL Change and Innovation Consulting New York, NYrent strengths, success factors and values. We want to understand is: What gives your time "life"?


Step 3: Dream and Map

Tapping into your group's creativity, we dream your collective future: bold aspirations, innovative ideas of where your team can be and which goals you can achieve if all success factors are utilized to the fullest. We map out the results to see a clear picture of opportunities and possibilities. 


Step 4: Select and Prototype

From the map of dreams and aspirations, we select the ones with the strongest values and capabilities. We develop an authentic team vision, mission and strategies and start prototyping changed ways of interacting and collaborating.


Step 5: Execute and Monitor

Your team starts executing the detailed strategy and monitors its success in a mindful and appreciative way. Your strategy is based on your success factors and unique values to follow collectively created dreams, visions and goals. Adjustments can be made and lead to further success. 


Result: The result of the "Future U" Team Excellence Coaching process is a vibrant team full of life following its healthy strategy, vision and mission into a co-created, desired future.