"Future U" - Product Innovation

5 steps to spark ideas and exhilharate the innovation of your products


1. Define and Scale:  We select delegates who represent diverse voices and directions of target customers and/or users; those with unique expertise or perspectives on the challenge; members from other teams or partners who will help bring the solution to market.


2. Assess and Understand: Creating the future begins with understanding where you are now. What are the benefits of your current products /services and platforms? Which core competencies do your customers know anFuture U - Product Innovation Process - LC GLOBAL - Change and Innovaiton Consulting New York, New Yorkd appreciate you for?  Which schemas and scripts will need to be maintained for the innnovation to be embraced by the market?


3. Dream and Map: Dreaming awake, we push ourselves to explore new areas of product/service/solution opportunity, flipping assumptions and knocking down invisible walls. We map these visually and conceptually to see where it would be easy to go, and what directions would be harder.  


4. Select and Prototype: The map makes it easy to visualize the top opportunities, and the alignment work you’ve done in the previous steps makes selection and consensus straightforward. Beginning to prototype and concretize your favorite solution, in quick efficient low-fidelity formats, yields immediate benefits.


5. Execute and Monitor: Turn your draft strategy into a launch plan utilizing your Future U team as long-term advisors and callobarators. Monitor, support, and revise as necessary. 


Result: Your vision launched. Your future brought to life. A unique expression of your company’s value that reflects both where you’ve come from and where you want to go.