"Future U" - Business Innovation - Authentic Growth and Renewal

5 steps to transform your business and foster a culture of innovation.


Step 1: Define and Scale

We define the exact scope of the business challenge you would like to address. We asses the scope of the topic and decide which organizational levels are impacted in what way. We select the group of people that will be part of your "Future U" process reflecting the identified organizational levels.Future U - Strategy- Innovation-Growth Lab LC GLOBAL Change and Innovation Consulting, New York, NY


Step 2: Assess and Understand

For creating a new business model, understanding the dynamics and success factors of your current model, is crucial. We take a deep introspection into your organization's past and current strenghts, success factors and values. In this phase, we want to understand what needs to be preserved in order to move to a future model successfully.


Step 3: Dream and Map

Knowing what needs to be preserved to succeed, we boldly step into the future to collectively dream awake the best possible future. New ideas are born, provocative propositions filled with life. We map out the results to get a clear picture of the best opportunities and models.


Step 4: Select and Prototype

From the map showing the best and most relevant models, we select the ones with the strongest potential. We develop an authentic vision and sound strategy for your new model to take form. We create a prototype and road-map for execution.


Step 5: Execute and Monitor

You start executing your co-created strategy and monitor its success in conscious way. Your new business model prototype is based on your unique success factors, values and aspirations. Being invested and commited to the new model fullest, you will support future developments and can make mindful adjustments as needed.