Let's Design a Tailored Agile Organization Design 

Creating a tailored agile organization design is one of the best ways of creating the much desired innovative and intrapreneurial mind-set. Go for it!

One of the biggest myths around agile organization design is that there is only one right way of doing things. Quite to the contrary: If you don't want to only run from one scrum call to the next, yet still wish to drive customer-orientation and outstanding nimbleness, you need a much more tailored approach. We specialize in agile organization designs at scale and use your input for an absolutely tailored and authentic agile organization design. The co-design approach, additionally increases the engagement of all stakeholders right from the beginning. This, in turn, sparks an unparalleled drive in your organization. 

The principles of an agile organization are: 

  • self-organization
  • team-based leadership
  • opportunity oriented mindset
  • seamless information flow
  • continuous collaboration
  • regular reflection to learn and excel
  • work is organized in the simplest and most efficient way
  • work is organized around roles, not positions
  • the first and foremost goal is to create value

What is important is that how these features are implemented in your organization, resonate with you and your people. To read the award-winning publication of the case-study featuring a self-created organization design with one of our clients click here. Get in touch with us to discuss your case and to schedule a preliminary consultation.

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