Your Facilitator - Erika Jacobi, PhD


Erika is the founder and Lead Consultant of LC GLOBAL®, a change and innovation consulting firm with presences in New York City and Munich, Germany. As an international business leader with 15+ years of experience, she has consulted with multinationals in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. She has coached national and international business leaders, including Fortune 100 leaders. Her academic background is in Human and Organizational Behavior, Development and Systems. Her Ph.D. research topic focused on cognitive linguistic patterns in the identity construction of successful organizations.” Erika teaches Organizational Behavior, Change and Innovation Leadership as well as Branding and PR at various universities in the U.S..

On-Demand E-Learning Course: Organizational Culture, Identity and Change - 3.5 Hrs of Video Lectures, 50 Topics  - 4 Quizzes  - Downloadable Materials and Culture Scan - Final Assignment + 30-min phone/Skype call included -  30 days access/$ 95



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Corporate Culture, Identity and Change, Rating, New York, NY, Munich


Take a look what it is about: 


This course looks at organizational culture at the interface of theory and practice as well as at the interface of organization design and organizational identity. We will discover various ways of understanding corporate culture and apply the perspectives to case studies of prominent companies. Additionally, this course raises indispensable questions that help with the decision making process of which culture initiative may be best for your company. The course helps you understand how much your organization design and set up of every day procedures influences your culture and vice versa. The ultimate goal of this course is to help you shape your organization to reflect your true identity so that your culture can thrive. The course offers a wide range of self- and group reflection tools and discussions forums.



Through 50 video units, you will:

  • Gain broader theoretical and practical understanding of              organizational culture at the interface of identity and branding.
  • Differentiate various types of organizational culture.
  • Learn to assess your corporate values, norms, and beliefs.
  • Distinguish toxic from balanced and dynamic cultures.
  • Understand when you need to change your culture. 
  • Explore pros and cons of various culture assessment tools.
  • Get to know different change approaches.
  • Find answers to 6 indispensable questions to ask before              starting a culture initiative.


Who is this course for?


  • HR and OD Representatives
  • Management/Executives
  • Anybody with an interest in culture at the interface of theory &    practice as well as identity & organization design.