Why Good Intentions Meet Change Resistance

 Many well-intentioned executives fail to appreciate the “downstream” impacts of their strategic initiatives. The employee experience is often very different from what executives envision when they set a strategy in motion.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Strategy, Change Management

The Nature of Change

When we read about organizational change, it is oftentimes discussed as if change was that one thing that is easy to define, and – given the right people and methods – reasonably easy to master.

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Topics: Innovation, Change Management, Leadership Coaching, Change Leadership

Using Head and Heart Appeal: Creating a Sense of Urgency for Your Change Initiative

When an organization undertakes a new change initiative, the project team is immediately faced with one of the most fundamental and challenging tasks – establishing a compelling sense of urgency at all levels of the organization.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Change Management

Organizational Storytelling: Change Your Stories, Change Your Organization?


How Organizational Narratives Can Influence Organizational Life.


A powerful way to understand an organization is to look at the stories it tells about itself as a collective.

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Innovation, Change Management, organizational storytelling, corporate storytelling

Over-simplifying: The Enemy of Innovation?

For decades we have been viewing organizations as if they are absolutely predictable, machine-like systems. In a “throw a quarter in, get a soda out” mentality,

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Innovation, Change Management, Change and Innovation Consulting

From Profit- to Customer-Orientation: More than a Matter of Organizational Culture

In today’s complex business world, customer demands change faster than most companies can keep up with. Therefore, keeping your finger on the pulse

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Topics: Organizational Transformation, Innovation, Change Management

Now What's Up With Your Innovation?

Every company understands the need to innovate in order to react to the ever changing landscape of today´s business world and markets. How come then that some companies are really good at it and others aren’t?

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Topics: Innovation, Change Management

Appreciative Inquiry: A Value-Adding Change Leadership Tool

 A study released by Kienbaum in 2012 shows that change management initiatives in organizations are not as successful as one would hope for.

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Topics: Change Management, Change Leadership

UNITED Nations, New York City: Perspectives on transformative governance

We were very proud to participate in panel discussion "Perspectives on transformative governance" at the UN in New York City, yesterday. The discussion which focused on Africa revealed a number of important transformative leadership lessons to us.

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