Stronger, Better, Faster: Organizational Change Capability and Resilience

Today's environment is characterized by rapid change, consistent danger of disruption, and growing security as well as environmental concerns. Operating in such unparalleled uncertainty keeps organizational resilience a hot topic. 
As "stronger, better, faster" is often not enough to guarantee a company's survival, we decided to dedicate an LC GLOBAL® CHANGE TALK to the topic: Organizational Change Capability and Resilience. We had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Marie Sonnet who shared her research and a review of the latest findings with our audience. Dr. Sonnet is the co-editor of the Fielding Monograph on Resilience and a fellow of the Social Institute for Innovation (FGU). 



Click here to watch this 60-min CHANGE TALK with Dr. Marie Sonnet in full. 

The insightful 60-minute video conversation highlighted organizational resilience and change readiness as a cognitive, contextual, and behavior skill set. In other words, resilience is a mindset that values the existing expertise while consistently probing into new lines of thinking as well. As Dr. Sonnet explained, many of resilience capabilities depend on paradoxes that open the mind to expand our thinking. To name an example: If we want to expand our horizons, to build a greater change readiness, leaders have to learn to be decisive despite uncertainty.


Behavioral aspects might include storytelling as a strength-based team building effort. Showcasing past successes of a team through positive storytelling can help to keep all team members in a "can do" spirit. Such a spirit is necessary and helpful for overcoming adversity and obstacles on the way to success.


To guide your team toward positive storytelling as a resilience-building measure, Dr. Sonnet provided the following questions, which can also be found on her website


Assess yourself - To what extent do we: 


1. Tell stories about times we solved problems together?

2. Talk about what we’ve learned on the job?
3. Use bits of past experience to come up with new ideas?
4. Take ownership of what needs to be done?
5. Call upon employees with needed expertise no matter their title, position, or departments?
6. Talk together to make sense of situations as they are happening?
7. Practice what we would do as a first response to the unexpected?
8. Have face-to-face conversations that are honest?
These are only some of the questions you can ask yourself to drive a greater change readiness capacity in your team. For organizational resilience efforts to bear fruit, however, it needs to become a company objective. 
Come join us for this exciting LC GLOBAL® CHANGE TALK on Resilience and Change Capability with our guest Dr. Marie Sonnet. To see this 60-minute conversation in full, click here. 
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