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Companies shape our world much more than we are aware of. Here are some news from the industry that feature moves some big and not so big players have made in April across industries to make a difference! The really good news is: Change happens!


Change: PepsiCo - As part of a major re-branding strategy, PepsiCo is finally changing the sweetener in Diet Coke. This move was a response to customer concerns and dropping sales. It is good to know that customers can influence corporate strategies in such immediate ways.


Change: Chipotle - Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced that it has finished removing genetically modified ingredients from its foods. Thereby the company is becoming the first major restaurant chain to do so amid growing U.S. consumer questions about the agricultural technology. This announcement concludes the company's 2-year change initiative. As a Chipotle spokesman said on Sunday, the transition took a little longer than planned.


Innovation: Apple - Apple is anticipated to break yet another record with the introduction of their latest innovation, the Apple Watch. In January, the company broke records with an 18 billion dollar profit - the largest in corporate history. The results were fueled by all-time record revenue from iPhone® and Mac® sales as well as record performance of the App Store℠. iPhone unit sales of 74.5 million also set a new record. Apparently, the on-going mission of Apple to be an absolute innovation leader does the companyand consumers good like-wise.


Social Responsibility: AT&T, Sprint and Skype - In the aftermath of Nepal's magnitude 7.8 earthquake, these tech and telecom companies have offered calls and text messages to Nepal to support their customers in reaching out to family and friends.


Business Model Innovation – Farmigo – This start-up company launched a new business idea with a big mission: To support local farmers in New York, customers can order organic food online on an as-needed basis. It works like this: Neighbors, coworkers or other networks can start a “community” on the company’s site and set a weekly delivery time and place. Members of those communities and place their orders online. The orders are entirely up to the individual, just the pick-up happens during the allotted window.


The selection of our examples across industries were based on things that we simply found interesting, good, or news-worthy. The list does not claim to be exclusive and of course, we cannot know all motives behind the strategies presented. Nonetheless, the list shows a variety of things that organizations can do to help make a difference for the better.


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