Design Thinking: Stand Up, Post It And Share It - More Lessons From SAP!

Have you ever experienced the power of visual collaboration with customers and colleagues when facing complex problems?


You can simply not imagine the unbelievable power of collaborating and visualizing; using posters and movable cards can enable the group to create models, rethink and rework them and continuously build on other people’s ideas.


Need more insights into the underlying idea? The fascinating TED ”Got A Wicked Problem? First Tell Me How You Make Toast” by Tom Wujec provides more details and helps understanding the concept of complex models.


Innovation Equals Engagement


At SAP, we constantly engage with our customers for innovation journeys. No matter what the topic is. It can be Real Time, IoT and Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, or in general anything related to Digital Transformation.


Such collaborations through Design Thinking Workshops have led to compelling results. The power of engaging with people by involving them into a human-centric exploration and idea-generating meeting has worked miracles.


Creating Space Where Innovation Is About People


It is not about processes, structures, systems, efficiency, but simply about people. Innovation starts with people, with their ideas. This is the reason why we have built a space at SAP Italia for innovation by realizing our Design Thinking Room. The intent is to allow people to meet, think and share ideas in a very comfortable and creative space.


The question is where is the difference for me and you? Where is the value? What type of innovation is really worthwhile for you and your company? For your customers, citizens, employees, suppliers, students.....


Design Thinking and Storytelling


We use Design Thinking to create a story together with our customer for their customers. Starting from the Customer Journey Map and leveraging SAP Technology we "wireframe" possible applications and solutions.


“Experiencing the art of possible” is simply an interesting way to explore uncovered needs and solve wicked problems. I can only encourage every team and organization to try it out too.


How Agile Is Your Organization? Take Your Company To The Test!  


About the author:

Stefania Sadigh Ershadi is the Customer Innovation Principal at SAP, Italy. She utilizes Design Thinking to engage customers in strategy workshops with a human-centric approach for solving and reframing complex problems. 

Topics: Innovation, Business Innovation, product innovation, Design Thinking

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