CMM Learning Exchange 2015 - We Are Coming!

We are happy to announce that our CEO Erika Jacobi was invited to present her research on collective narratives and their role in change and conflict resolution,

at the upcoming International Conference of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution. This year’s Learning Exchange will be held September 17–20, 2015, in Munich, Germany.


The Learning Exchange features the research of scholars from all over the world dedicated to transforming destructive patterns of communication into forms of communication that promote personal, organizational and social evolution. This event is co-produced by the CMM Institute, the Institute for Global Integral Competence and Fielding Graduate University.


Erika’s research describes the dynamics of collective narratives and how they impact change processes as well as the overall well-being of an organization or our society. Contact Erika for questions about the CMM Learning Exchange 2015 or to further discuss her work.


To learn more about the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, click here.


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