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The Merging of Organizational Cultures

Organizational leaders wish they could obtain transformational change without having to change the culture. That’s because changing the culture is so much more difficult and time consuming. They would love to get the benefits of change by keeping the status quo, but, that’s not how it works.

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Topics: Organizational Culture, Organizational Culture Change, Organizational Change, Change Leadership, Merger and Acquisition

Using Pareto's Law to Sustain Organizational Change

Pareto’s Law, or Principle as it is sometimes called, states that 20% of any input gives 80% of its corresponding output, and that 80% of input will only yield the remaining 20% of output. This Law shows up everywhere.

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Topics: Organizational Change, Change and Innovation Consulting, Organizational Excellence

Avoiding Career Derailers for Leaders

Imagine your career as a train speeding down the track. All systems seem to be functioning smoothly, and you are getting where you need to go. We all know that some trains derail. Understanding how and why this happens can keep you on track. 


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Topics: Leadership, Career Strategies

When Leaders Overplay Their Strengths

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of leadership success. No leader is equally strong in all areas, and characteristics that were strengths yesterday may actually impede progress tomorrow.


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Topics: Change Management

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