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Why Change, Growth, and Innovation Consulting?

LC GLOBAL® focuses on change and innovation consulting because we are invested in helping organizations grow and excel.  During the industrial age, organizations were seen as machines, believed to work like clock-work.  Optimization of existing processes was the go-to motto back then.  In our highly volatile and complex business times, however, optimizing is not enough any longer, simply because our business circumstances change so often that we wouldn't know for which circumstances to optimize our processes.


For a company to be competitive and resilient over time nowadays, it needs to learn how to not only adapt to the many changes it faces but also how to use its unique identity to create new markets and excel.  The skills a company therefore needs, are the ability to change, transform and innovate.  In other words, the best survival and growth technique for a company is to adaptively innovate the way they do business.  We are devoted to helping you succeed with exactly that.


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Change, Growth, And Innovation Consulting

Change and innovation consulting can empower you to create and recreate the necessary resilience needed to stay on top in today's markets.  While we work in close collaboration with you and involve every stakeholder in the consulting process right from the beginning, our true advantage lies in our external perspective.  Our consulting process thereby combines your industry-specific collective knowledge with our expertise in change, transformation and innovation.  With this powerful conjunction, we will guide your organization through the desired change leading you from stuck to unstuck, from good to excellent and from a market follower to a market creator.

What Is What?

Most change and innovation initiatives fail because they a) never start, and b) there is a lack of clarity of the desired outcome. Here are some indicators telling you whether you are looking for change, transformation or innovation.



For things to stay the same, we sometimes have to change.  For example, if we want to stay as successful as we were before, we need to embrace new circumstances pro-actively.  The capability to change means understanding our unique identity and strengths and how to display them differently under the changed circumstances.  In that respect, change often means an exchange of isolated procedures.  We adapt to external circumstances by doing things differently internally.


Transformation goes deeper than an isolated change process.  When we transform a procedure or a business, we change our beliefs behind it.  And so the difference between change and transformation becomes evident: Change is reversible, transformation is not. Once you have transformed the way you do business, you work under a different mindset and changed your identity in the course of it.  There is no going back.  The old way of thinking and doing things, just doesn't exist any longer.


Innovation means creating something that was never there before.  It's the novelty that nobody thought was possible or doable.  In that respect, innovation is really the creation of new worlds and possibilities.  Therefore, in an innovation process, we don't change, the rest of the world does in response to the innovation.  What is necessary are visionary skills, patience and endurance to be able to go through the process of creating the new new, and then paving the way for the world to become ready for what we created.



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