Business Development for Freelance
Court Reporters & Captioners

Start April 12, 8-10pm EST - Duration: 6 consecutive Tuesdays. Max. 10 participants - 6 live Zoom conferences - follow-up via Learning Portal.   

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The pandemic and other disruptive events have changed the business development needs of Court Reporters and Captioners. In the past, freelancers used to get quasi-automatic job orders from agencies. Now they must become more proactive about their marketing and more creative regarding how to conduct their services.

This 6x2 hour workshop offers a step-by-step approach to proactive business development and positioning. The goal is to empower each participant to stand out in the market and to get excited about their own business growth. 

The objectives of this business development workshop are to:

  • assess current and possible future developments of your field.
  • support you in optimally positioning your services. 
  • develop Unique Selling Points (USPs). 
  • craft messages that help you stand out. 
  • grow more confident in your marketing. 
  • help you to get more bookings and enjoy the process. 
  • thrive despite volatile times.

Come prepared to learn with Business Innovation & Development expert Dr. Erika Jacobi. Get a motivational boost through co-creating hands-on business growth with peers. Leave excited and growth-ready.  

Takeaways:  Each participant will walk away from this workshop with a hands-on business development plan and a timeline for carrying it out. They will have a unique and ready-to-use value proposition and clear USPs. They will know how to market themselves where and in which ways. Participants will have a clear understanding of future developments in the field and how to proactively position themselves to thrive in a changing environment. They will have enjoyed a think-bigger perspective and adopted a can-do mindset. As a result, they will have considerably pushed their own envelope. Most of all, participants will have a network of peers that can serve as a consistent support group in the future. 

Further Benefits

In addition to 6 live Zoom sessions, participants will have access to our cloud-based LMS with additional materials, optional exercises for the duration of the course and a 4-week follow-up period. This platform can also serve as an opportunity for networking and collaborating with cohort peers. Should the number of participants stay under 5, the live sessions will be shortened to 90 or 75 minutes. 




Facilitator Bio

Dr. Erika Jacobi is the managing director of LC GLOBAL®, an organization design and business innovation firm with offices in New York City and Munich, Germany. As a business adaptability enthusiast, Dr. Jacobi has led industries and companies of all sizes and on three continents through transformation to healthy growth. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Development & Change and an M.A. in Human and Organizational Behavior, Systems & Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA.
She obtained an additional Master’s degree in Cognitive Linguistics & Literature from the esteemed Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Dr. Jacobi’s work is published in academic journals. Dr. Jacobi is a regular speaker at international conferences. She is published in top academic journals such as SAGE and is a five-time FORBES contributor. Dr. Jacobi can't wait to work with you on your business success.