Organization Design 2023

Creating Transformative Initiatives for Growth, Adaptability, & Well-Being

March 24 - April 28, 6 Fridays 12pm-3.30pm EST (incl. breaks)
Think Tank & Design Hub - 7 participants per cohort - Live Zoom conferences

The last two years have confronted businesses and people with a cycle of disruptive events. As we approach a new phase in the “return-to-work” process, many companies seek innovations for their people and operating systems. A fresh start in 2023 requires companies to creatively design new systems that can assure employee well-being, provide effective ways to meet unforeseen circumstances, and energize sustainable growth.

This series of live Zoom workshops provides the platform for Organizational Development leaders, HR and Innovation Executives to ideate and design creative, launch-ready systems to improve tangible outcomes in 2023. The 6 x 3-hr sessions give an overview of adaptability principles and offer perspectives on how to apply these principles to the specific challenges and opportunities companies currently have. Each session provides ample opportunity for participants to apply learning outcomes to their own initiatives and goals and ideate new ways of moving forward. Design and ideation principles will focus on sparking growth, adaptability, and well-being across the organization and its members.


The objectives of this curated interactive workshop are:

  • Review/introduce key principles of adaptive, growth- & energy-oriented organizations.
  • Offer perspectives for applying these innovative principles to address current, pressing challenges in 2023.
  • Envision and flesh out bigger and more creative solutions through the power of group brainstorming and interactive dynamics.
  • Find tailored solutions that transform pain points and optimize opportunities.
  • Provide feedback and guidance on participants' initiatives/organizational designs. 
  • Connect to other executives in the same situation and recharge batteries. 
  • Spark inspiration for the next steps.

Who should attend?
C-Level Executives, VP-, and Director-level HR/People leaders, OD & Innovation/Transformation Executives who are committed to designing new initiatives and operating systems.

Methods: The workshop builds on a Think Tank and Creative Design Model. Each session will offer an overview of guiding principles presented through mini-lectures, examples, and hands-on experiential exercises. About half of each session will focus on co-creating and discussing new ideas and applying these ideas to participants' unique challenges and initiatives.


Participants will leave this workshop with a tailored and launch-ready design initiative that will help their company and people adapt, find new energy, meet disruptive challenges and thrive. Additionally, they will be able to network with other leaders and experts as sources of future feedback, innovation, and problem-solving.


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Dr. Sergej_Van_Middendorp jreaves_photo_offright

Dr. Erika Jacobi 

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Sergej van Middendorp

Guest Speaker:
John Reaves


Overall Design: About half of each session will go into ideating, designing, and refining initiatives to fit your own organization’s unique challenges and goals. 

Session 1: The Adaptive, Growth- & Energy-Oriented Organization

March 23, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks)

  • 5 + 1 principles for tackling burning design issues in 2023.
  • Designing with innovation-oriented well-being & energy in mind.
  • Applying the 5 + 1 principles to your initiatives and goals.
  • Ideating and designing your own initiative – Step 1.

Session 2:  Types of Data Collection/Use & Their Impact 

April 1, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks) 

  • Types of data collection/use; understanding their value and impact.
  • Learning from examples, both positive and negative. 
  • Utilizing data for collaboration, energy, focus, and transformation.
  • Ideating and designing your own solutions – Step 2.

Session 3: Innovation Lessons & Organization/Initiative Design  
April 7, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks) 

  • 3 crucial innovation lessons (John Reaves)
  • Experiential exercise (facilitated by John Reaves).
  • Applying key innovation lessons to your initiative or organization design.
  • Ideating and designing your own initiative – Step 3.

Session 4: Neuroplasticity & Cognitive Agility

April 14, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks)

  • Understanding the role of neuroplasticity & cognitive agility in adaptive, growth- and energy-oriented organizations. 
  • Avoiding pitfalls in the design process. 
  • Building and incorporating neuroplasticity and agility into your initiative design. 
  • Honing and refining your own initiative – Step 4.

Session 5: Network-Based Design Contra Innovation Blockers
April 21, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks) 

  • Examples of network-based collaboration in transformation efforts (Dr. Sergej van Middendorp).
  • Utilizing networks to uncover and transform innovation blockers.
  • Incorporating network-based experiences into your initiative. 
  • Further refinements to your own design – Step 5.

Session 6: Present Your Design – Receive Feedback

April 28, 12-3.30 pm EST (incl. breaks) 

  • Present your innovative initiative design.
  • Receive feedback from your cohort peers and our experts.
  • Reflect on the feedback and benefit from other design ideas.
  • Final refinements to your own takeaway designs - Step 6.

1:1 Follow-Up Session (90 minutes)

Flexible scheduling within 2 weeks after the end of the workshop

  • Refine your initiative to incorporate your own organization's feedback: a dedicated 1:1 work session with Dr. Jacobi.
  • Receive certification and credits upon successful completion.


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SHRM & HRCI Credits

LC GLOBAL® is an approved HRCI and SHRM recertification provider. This program is valid for 19.5 credits toward the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® certification.  Additionally, this program has been submitted for approval toward aPHR™, aPHRi™, PHR®, PHRca®, SPHR®, GPHR®, PHRi™ and SPHRi™recertification through HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®).

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LC GLOBAL® Certification 

Upon successful completion of the course and the approval of your co-created initiative or organizational design, the LC GLOBAL® Adaptive Organization Design 2022 Certification will be issued.

Facilitator & Guest Speakers

The workshop and creative think tank will be facilitated by Dr. Erika Jacobi, with special presentations offered by John Reaves (Innovation Design & Experiential Exercise) and Dr. Sergej van Middendorp (Network-Based Transformation Example).

Dr. Jacobi is a published adaptive organization design and innovation specialist with large-scale transformation and design experience on 3 continents. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Small to Midsized Businesses, and startups to design organization and people systems for growth and well-being. She has a Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change as well as an M.A. in Human & Organizational Behavior, Systems and Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA. Dr. van Middendorp and John Reave both have extensive innovation experience and immediate transformation know-how from large-scale initiatives in the health care sector. The three have served clients such as IBM, Sony Mobile Communications, Consumer Health, Estée Lauder, SAP, LexisNexis, Lucent, Microsoft, GM, Exxon, PepsiCo, and the United Nations as well as Pre-/Post-IPO startups

Further Benefits

In addition to 6 live Zoom sessions, participants will have access to our cloud-based LMS with additional materials, videos, and optional exercises for the duration of the course and a 4-week follow-up period. This platform can also serve as an opportunity for networking and collaborating with cohort peers.