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Adaptive Organization Design & Development

Adaptive Organization Design is one of the most transformational levers for creating a nimble, effective, and innovative organization. It does not only increase adaptability and engagement. It also presents a unique opportunity to reinvent Who You Are.

While adaptive organization designs come in many shapes and sizes, typically they are team-based. Employees flexibly group together based on their skills, expertise, or specific projects. The connection-centric structure promotes a seamless information flow and effective, shared decision-making, which enable teams to respond quickly to changes and challenges. Adaptive organization designs are unique and can be branded to invigorate your unique culture. Interested? Let’s discuss what a modern organization design can do for you.

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The Future of Work is Flexible

Do you have what it takes to spark effective collaboration and engagement in a rapidly changing environment? Rate yourself in the following categories (click on +).

Strategy and Leadership Excellence

Leadership in a hybrid or remote setting requires a new set of skills. Are your leaders ready?  On a scale from 1-5 (1 lowest, 5 highest), how would you rate yourself in the following categories? 

1. Trust, Collaboration, Information Flow: Our leaders are trusted by their peers and teams. They spark dynamic collaboration and guarantee a seamless information flow  __/5

2. Collaboration and Adaptability: Our leadership team collaborates effectively and has proven that it can foresee and adequately respond to unforeseen circumstances.  __/5

3. Adaptive Strategy: We have a strategy with achievable milestones, which can be adapted to various scenario forecasts.   __/5

Your "Strategy & Leadership" Score:  __/15


Dynamic Operations & Organization

Flexible work solutions rely on seamless processes. Failure to create nimble operations that support and enable your people to flexibly collaborate costs money, resources, and energy. On a scale from 1-5 (1 lowest, 5 highest), how would you rate yourself in the following categories? 

1. Reactivity versus Adaptability: Our operations and work models are flexible. There is no need to go back and forth on policies. Our system is set up to naturally and flexibly adapt to ever-changing demands.  __/5

2. Support and Hybrid Collaboration: Our operations, people systems, and technology our people to work flexibly and drive solutions from anywhere.  __/5

3. Engagement, Diversity, Belonging: Our systems empower our diverse talent pool. Our excellent engagement and belonging rates exemplify that.   __/5

Your "Operations & Organization Design" Score:  __/15


Optimal Team Collaboration & Engagement

Teams are at the heart of a dynamic, flexible, and adaptive organization. If your teams are set up for nimble cross-collaboration, your company will be able to react faster irrespective of the circumstances. On a scale from 1-5 (1 lowest, 5 highest), how would you rate yourself in the following categories?

1. People: We have the right people at the right place. Our talent pool is diverse and highly specialized. Their expertise is flexibly available across teams and projects. __/5

2. Team Process and Workflows: Our teams are supported by dynamic, motivating, and effective processes and workflows. Although we have a flexible work constellation, the roles are clearly defined.  __/5

3. Collaboration and Information Flow: Our teams are engaged and work with each other toward a common goal. There are no bottlenecks. Everybody has access to the same information at all times. All voices matter and our team collaboration is embedded in shared, data-driven decision-making.   __/5

Your "Collaboration & Engagement" Score:  __/15


Cultural Vibrancy & Integration

Dynamic, growth- and people-centric organizations consistently seek to integrate new hires or acquired organizations into their unique and vibrant culture.  On a scale from 1-5 (1 lowest, 5 highest), how would you rate yourself in the following categories?

1. Cultural Vibrancy: We have a unique culture that exudes vibrancy and that makes the company a talent magnet. _/5

2. Cultural Integration:  It is easy for us to integrate new hires or newly acquired organizations.  We have such a great culture that people want to be part of it. __/5

3. Remote and Hybrid Culture: Our remote and hybrid employees feel an equal sense of belonging and are part of our culture as our onsite employees. __/5

Your "Cultural Vibrancy & Integration" Score:  __/15


Future-Fit Business Model

If you want to stay responsive and competitive in rapidly changing markets, your business model must be designed to consistently evolve and adapt. With a future-oriented business model, you can identify new opportunities, address emerging customer needs, and differentiate yourself from competitors. On a scale from 1-5 (1 lowest, 5 highest), how would you rate yourself in the following categories?

1. Future-Fitness: We consistently evolve and adapt our business model. We seek to anticipate market shifts and strategically adapt accordingly. Our business model allows for this to be a natural and steady process.   _/5

2. Revenue Stream & Growth: Our business model helps us explore new revenue streams and expand into new markets without losing our identity.  __/5

3. Brand Identity & Scalability: Our business model is designed to drive our brand. It builds on nimble scalability driving growth in a natural and systematic way. __/5

Your "Business Model" Score:  __/15


Scored below 60? Let's talk.

Are Your Teams Set Up for Success?

Take a look at our team effectiveness and engagement sprints.

The last years have brought about significant changes in the way we work, with remote and hybrid work becoming more prevalent. While effective team collaboration is now more important than ever, many teams have taken a hit. Our team effectiveness and engagement sprints are designed to lead your teams through short cycles of collaborative work to collectively redefine the way they work with each other. After the initial briefing and assessment, we design a unique sprint experience that leads your team through five steps to (1) discover (2) envision (3) design, (4) develop, and (5) refine their new operating models and collaboration forms. The process has a proven track record and brings about measurable results. You will be amazed at what a difference a sprint can make.

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How Can We Help? 

Creating a more adaptive, effective, and engaged organization, doesn't have to be disruptive. On the contrary, it can be an opportunity to engage and develop your people to create optimal solutions for you. 

Engagement, Customer, Delight, Corporate Culture
Assessment & Strategy

We engage your people in assessing your organization and take the data to develop a uniquely adaptive strategy.

Co-Design & Development

Step by step, we transform your org design and operations while improving intra-team connections and culture.

Team Engagement & Effectiveness

We work with your teams to spark outstanding collaboration, deep effectiveness, and a seamless information flow.

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Testimonials: What Our Clients Say 

LC GLOBAL® has been a provider of its HR and Organization Development services for Microsoft for a number of years. [...] Outstanding service, deep competence,  and professionalism describe LC GLOBAL® for me.

SVP International HR

I highly recommend LC GLOBAL® 's process to any team, group, or company that wants to grow fast, stay agile, and make significant changes to their business and operation models as well as their corporate culture.

Director of Growth

We worked with LC GLOBAL® on two complicated assignments that spanned multiple geographies and cultures. From practical considerations [...]  to strategic aspects [...], the experience was positive and yielded extremely useful results for us.

Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB)
SVP, Talent Development & Organization Design

[...] Many staff members remarked that it was one of their best experiences as an employee of the College. Many students felt a stronger sense of being valued and connected as a result of that intervention. Due to the tremendous success, we brought LC GLOBAL® back to continue with this process.

Cochise College

I have been working with GLOBAL® for executive coaching initiatives and organization development matters for almost a year. What started as a partnership for developing new strategies and ideas has evolved to include a discussion of how to meld the growth of a newly formed non-profit Foundation with our Society’s current activities. [...] LC GLOBAL® ’s expertise is delivered with integrity, innovative thinking, and an energetic personality.

The American Ceramics Society
Executive Director

In order to increase the effectiveness of our subsidiary in the Middle East in terms of sales, growth, and collaboration [...], we asked GLOBAL® to deliver its consulting services on-site. Thanks to their tremendous sensitivity and knowledge,  [...] improvements could be observed promptly.


We asked LC GLOBAL® to help us develop a new organizational structure that is fully based on our values and corporate culture. We found their holistic and systemic approach especially valuable as it led us to strengthen our success factors. The in-depth analysis of the current state of our organization helped us excel by learning how to do more of the things that were already working extremely well. Thank you, LC GLOBAL®!

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